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Is wine good for the health?


Moderate drinking, or what is sometimes referred to as social drinking, can have significant health benefits. However, not every type of liquor can provide health benefits. Wine is one of the alcoholic drinks that many people prefer. Other than setting the party mood, wine is also considered a safe drink, unlike most hard liquors that pose health risks to individuals. It invites the question, is wine good for the health? Taking one glass of wine a day is actually beneficial to your health. These are some of the health benefits of wine:

Wine is an Antioxidant

Antioxidants protect the human body from damage resulting from free radicals which are essentially harmful molecules. Free radicals are responsible for health complications such as cancer, a common killer disease in the contemporary world. Wine contains antioxidants which attack free radicals thereby improving your health by protecting you from various diseases. Antioxidants also boost the immune system, therefore, enhancing the capacity of the body system to fight diseases and infections.

Enhances Longevity

Drinking wine increases the lifespan of an individual. According to a research study published in the Gerontology journal in 2007, people who occasionally take wine have a thirty-four percent lower mortality rate compared to those who take hard liquor such as spirits and beer. The study was conducted over a twenty-nine year period, and it shows that taking wine prolongs life.


Reduces the Risk of a heart attack

This is perhaps the most common health benefit of wine that many people are conversant with. The risk of suffering a heart attack is high in the modern world due to changing lifestyles. More and more people are at risk of suffering heart attacks due to unhealthy eating habits and inactivity. Taking wine, on the other hand, reduces the risk of suffering a heart attack. The evidence of this health benefit was provided by a Harvard School of Public Health study which was published in 2007. It is important to note that despite the reduction of the risk of a heart attack as a result of taking wine, it is still important for individuals to eat healthily and exercise.

Relaxation and Blood Circulation

3One glass of wine a day relaxes the body and improves blood circulation. This ensures that every muscle and organ in your body receives sufficient amount of oxygen. Those who take wine in moderation are less likely to suffer from blocked arteries in the legs. On relaxation, a glass of wine can help you have a good nights sleep. This is especially beneficial after a stressful day. It is, however, essential to find a work-life balance in order to avoid recurring stress.

Other health benefits of wine include reduced risks of stroke, heart disease, and type two diabetes. Taking wine can also lower cholesterol and improve cognitive function. Taking wine in moderation is, therefore, good for the health. In a world where lifestyles diseases are common, wine plays an important role in improving the health of individuals and prolonging their lives. A single glass of wine a day can thus result in several health benefits.