Sunday, January 25, 2009

And away we go.....

Just a quick post before I jump in the shower to get ready to head over to the convention center.  We left (Beth and I) St. Louis with a balmy temperature of 10 and headed west where we hoped of warmer weather.  Getting there, although cool by California standards, we found that is was about 63 and a little humid due to the rain they had been having.  I immediately took off my leather coat and the curbside assistant, looked at me as said, "aren't you cold?" as she was dressed in heavy jacket, scarf around her neck and winter gloves.  HA!  Considering that it was 50 degrees colder where I just left, I felt warm and comfy!

After Beth and I check into the hotel and headed for dinner at Bubby Gumps Restaurant, where we had our fill of scrimp and other liquid libations before heading over to the Marriott hotel to attend the SCS Cupcake Reception.  What fun to see and renew friendships from all the fabulous people I meet on line.  But first, a quick look at some of the luscious cupcakes they had...I was too full of scrimp and margaritas  to possibly eat one there, but I did manage to carry one back to the hotel for a sugar and fat loaded breakfast! :)

A very nice treat greeting us at the door, along with name badges, were a wonderful basket of Unity Stamps.  Cupcakes and's the perfect combination.

Snapping pictures left and right, I actually was able to sneak into a few.

Diana Gibbs, me, Adela Rossol

Wendybell is so much taller in real life....BWAHAHA

Never mind my cheesy grin as the excitement of seeing everyone has me giddy...or was that the margaritas?  Here I am with Jusy Rozema.

Reunions are so much fun!  Here is Jami and Beth - so happy to see one another again!

And no, I'm not choking Kate here...It's my lame attempt to create the shape of a heart because I (heart) Kate from I (Heart)

That about wraps it up for my travel day for me.  Today...the fun continues as we cruise the floor for all the fun stuff.  I hope you'll check back.


Lorie said...

Oh, my gosh! How fun! It is great that you guys have formed friendships that last! Have a super time Lynn! :o)

Justine said...

What a wonderful time you must be having. Thank you for posting the photos so quickly. Helps the rest of us to feel like we can be a little part of all of the excitement. Can't wait to hear more

Lauri said...

oh it looks like you are having so much fun!!!!! Have a great time (those cupcakes look great!)

Sankari W. said...

lynn you look like you are having a ball!!! beautiful pictures!! keep them coming!! LOVE YOU!!!! xoxoxo!

Melanie said...

awwwwwww man! LUCKY! have a great time! hugs,

A Stroke Above said...

It is fun to put faces with the names! What fun! Linda Crowder